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Services Offered at The Pain Management Center
of Lansing

The Pain Management Center (PMC) of Lansing offers a wide range of services to patients living with acute and chronic pain throughout the greater mid-Michigan area. Our outpatient pain management services consist of an evaluation phase and a treatment phase, with ongoing assessment according to the individual’s response to treatments. The experience our pain management physicians and pain psychologists, and the compassion of our entire staff coupled with a wide range of services and a comprehensive, interdisciplinary treatment approach makes PMC Lansing the practice of choice for patients in search of effective pain relief.


The goals of our pain management services include:

  • Improving the patient’s quality of life and function
  • Having all needs of a patient with pain treated in one location by many different professionals
  • Developing a coordinated, individualized treatment plan
  • Reducing suffering for the patient and family
  • Increasing activity levels of the pain patient with an active rehabilitation program
  • Decreasing depression, anxiety, and irritability through pain coping skills
  • Helping the patient learn to control the pain rather than the pain controlling them
  • Reducing the cost of medical care by reducing hospitalizations and emergency room care

Pain Diagnosis Services
The journey to your pain relief starts with an accurate diagnosis of your acute or chronic pain problems. During your initial consultation, our pain management specialists will ask you a series of questions pertaining to your symptoms, such as the location, frequency, intensity, radiation, and duration of your pain, as well as your history of illness, injury, and surgery. With your release, our pain management doctors will obtain documents of previous evaluations from other facilities like pain management clinics, as well as diagnostic studies and treatments so they have a complete picture of your medical history. Depending on you and your condition, a physical examination may be conducted and diagnostic evaluations may be ordered. Such evaluations may be done with the use of sophisticated magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment, CT scans, X-rays, blood tests, and other devices. Complete laboratory and radiology services are available within our medical office complex.


Pain Treatment Services

There are several types of pain management treatments that could provide you with decreased pain and improved quality of life. For patients with mild to moderate pain, over-the-counter or prescription medications may be successful in alleviating pain and discomfort. For patients who have not responded well to other treatments or whose pain problems interfere with important lifestyle activities or sleep, individual and/or group pain psychology sessions may be recommended. Here, patients are able to learn a variety of pain coping skills. The pain physicians, pain psychologists, and other specialists at the Pain Management Center of Lansing will formulate an individualized treatment plan and discuss it with you in detail. In addition to pharmacologic pain management and pain psychology, PMC Lansing offers other treatment services, such as pain rehabilitation and interventional pain management. If, through diagnosis, it is found that your condition or situation does not require our services, we can refer you to another clinic or appropriate specialist within the mid-Michigan area who will provide you with the pain relief you deserve.


Advanced Interventional Procedures – injections for pain diagnosis and treatment

Diagnostic injections

Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine pain (facet joint blocks, discography, sacroiliac joint blocks)

Peripheral nerve blocks

Selective nerve root blocks

Therapeutic injections

Cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral epidural steroid injections

Thoracic, lumbar, and sacral transforaminal epidural steroid injections

Sympathetic blocks
(stellate, celiac plexus, lumbar sympathetic, hypogastric plexus, and ganglion impar)

Facet joint injections

Sacroiliac joint injections

Botox injections

Neurolytic injections

Radiofrequency ablative techniques

Chemical neurolysis

Cryoablative techniques

Neuromodulation (peripheral and spinal column stimulation)

Intrathecal pharmacotherapy (opioid, baclofen, clonidine, ziconatide)

Medication analysis/management


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